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How to Go White Water Rafting

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The feeling of gliding over the water with the cool breeze blowing across your skin and the melodic movement of the waves beneath your raft is breathtaking. White water rafting…

6 boating tips for beginners

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Whether you’ve just purchased your first boat, or want to get a feel for being out on the water before you sign on that dotted line, everyone starts as a…

10 Must-Have Winter Survival Items

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We’re in for a strong El Niño winter this year, meaning lots of snow and lower temperatures across many of the states. While that’s no cause for panic, it is…

How to Get Ready for a Major Snowstorm

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Winter is coming on, and many areas of the U.S. are already hunkering down through their first major snowstorms. Many of us are new at snowstorm prepping — having just…

How to Survive a Winter Storm

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To quote a top-rated show and book series, winter is coming and with it comes winter storms. Depending on their severity, these storms can damage or destroy houses, knock out…

How to Stay Safe From Stinging Insects in the Woods

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There’s nothing worse than heading out into the woods to enjoy a hike or a camping trip, only to end up stung by bees or wasps — especially if you’re…

Seven Tips for Camping by Yourself

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Camping with friends and family is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and connect with others. Sometimes, though, a camping trip by yourself is just what the doctor ordered….

How to make it through the 5 most common survival situations

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No one wants to think about being stuck in a survival situation but when it comes down to it, being prepared could mean the difference between life and death —…